ABC Companies/Lightning eMotors EV Repowered Coach hits the road in San Francisco

ABC Companies, a leading provider of motorcoach, transit and specialty passenger transport equipment in the United States and Canada, has delivered its first-ever repowered diesel-to-electric motorcoach to one of Silicon Valley’s largest battery-electric fleet commuter operators.

Together with its industry-leading partner, Lightning eMotors, the company has achieved a successful proof-of-concept – creating a cost-effective, sustainable path to EV fleet adoption via a proprietary ZEV Repower approach.

“ABC is committed to streamlining the move to EV for customers that are ready to integrate now,” said Roman Cornell, president and chief commercial officer of ABC Companies. “With this successful proof-of-concept in market and in service, we’ve demonstrated the feasibility of lowering EV market cost of entry by bringing a unique solution to extend the value and working life of an existing asset. Similar to the many repower programs ABC has completed using updated diesel engines, this is simply the next evolution of a robust process we have used many times before. The importance of this milestone is to help owners discover a significantly more affordable option that repurposes existing assets in a timely, cost-effective way. We believe it’s a really novel approach to carbon neutrality, that’s available to them right now.”

Multi-Vehicle Repower Options Available Now.

As an authorized Lightning eMotors exclusive partner and certified Lightning eMotors zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) repower kit installer, ABC can provide a full range of motorcoach zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) repower options, as well as repower for many popular shuttle vans and cutaway applications including the Lightning Ford Transit passenger van, E-450 and F-550 chassis. “The Lightning eMotors portfolio provides a great fit for ABC and our customers.” Cornell said. “Many of our customers utilize these smaller vehicles for various short distance routes, such as airport runs and hotel shuttles, as well as last-mile services for smaller groups. These vehicles can offer a lower-cost stepping stone (vs. full size motorcoach) to EV integration as fleet owners work to get back on the road. We are ready to help them identify vehicles for repower or choose from our OEM EV product line, as we also continue to support their traditional equipment and operational needs.

“Expanding product options and price points for customers is a core business focus for ABC in 2021,” Cornell said. “EVs will play a pivotal role in our portfolio diversification. We are actively seeking partners for collaboration that are like-minded in creating growth for the industry. We have the potential to connect our customers to a broader range of platforms that harness technology and innovative solutions to help enable their growth and sustainability.”