ABC Companies debuts webcast series

A series of operations and maintenance webcasts created by ABC Companies are now available on-demand through social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook, as well as the company’s website. “How to Read Basic Electrical Diagrams” features information on how to speed up diagnostic time by understanding layouts, color and diagram codes and wire sizes; “Warranty 101” touches on filing claims, parts ordering and how to access Van Hool Service Bulletins; and “2010 Engine Overview” covers the new DD13 2010 emission engine in Van Hool motorcoaches and the improved drivability and fuel economy benefits. For more information on the webcast series, visit and click on webcasts.

One Response to “ABC Companies debuts webcast series”

  1. I have been looking forward to ABC doing something like this and am glad they’ve stepped up as they always have. Couldn’t be happier with their VanHool vehicles. This should only make it easier to maintain our vehicles, and work with ABC on different issues.