ABC Companies Announces Strategic Acquisition of Van Hool Motorcoach Division by VDL Groep and Distribution Agreement to Transform the Transportation Sector


ABC Companies is pleased to announce the strategic acquisition of the Van Hool brand motorcoach division by VDL Groep, coupled with a 10-year exclusive distribution agreement. The acquisition by VDL, a distinguished international industrial family business founded in 1953 and headquartered in Brainport Eindhoven (NL), marks a significant step towards diversifying and enhancing Van Hool production capabilities and customer offerings at ABC Companies.

With about 15,000 employees and a presence in 19 countries, the global VDL Groep brings vast experience, capabilities and stability to the motorcoach market. The Van Hool brand and its current models will join the existing VDL portfolio of motorcoach and transit/low floor offerings.

“The acquisition and continued partnership with VDL Groep represent a pivotal evolution for ABC Companies, fortifying our market offerings and reinforcing our role as industry leaders in supporting our customers and adopting advanced transportation technologies,” said Roman Cornell, CEO of ABC Companies. “This collaboration not only enhances our capabilities but also aligns with our commitment to innovation, customer service and quality, ensuring we meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

VDL Groep, celebrated for its commitment to innovation and sustainability, sees this acquisition as an opportunity to extend its reach and impact in the transportation industry. “Our mission extends beyond manufacturing advanced vehicles; we are dedicated to improving connectivity and environmental sustainability through our products,” explained Willem van der Leegte, President and CEO of VDL Groep. “Partnering with ABC Companies leads to strength through cooperation for both companies in terms of markets and product portfolios.”

As ABC Companies integrates the VDL-owned Van Hool brand, it is focused on a seamless transition for all customers, maintaining business as usual while embracing the enhanced capabilities and innovations brought by VDL. This strategic alliance underscores ABC’s resilience and adaptability, further enhancing its ability to lead with innovation, quality, and a customer-focused approach.

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