ABA encouraging operators to comment on seat belt proposal

Weeks after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration called for 3-point seat belts on all new motorcoaches, officials at the American Bus Association have reviewed the proposal and are encouraging operators to let their voices be heard. The ABA says the new seat belt proposal will “significantly impact your company,” adding that the NHTSA needs to understand the effect this rule would have on operators. The ABA is calling on operators to write out their opinions and fax it to the NHTSA at 202-493-2251. You can also fax your comments to the ABA at 202-842-0850 or by email to bbuchanan@buses.org. Or, you can submit suggestions and comments online at www.regulations.gov, then enter NHTSA-2010-0112 into the keyword/ID search field. Then click on “view by docket folder” and fill out the appropriate fields. Comments are due no later than October 18.