Young filmmakers document Trailways-sponsored bus trip to ABA Marketplace

A new film series has debuted  about a four day bus trip in the US by two young filmmakers from New York. Interestingly, buses are the preferred mode of transportation for the film’s producer Nick Catania, 23, and he was traveling on business to a bus convention. When the bus company Trailways heard about Catania’s travel plans, they asked him to film the bus trip. He traveled via Trailways and Greyhound buses from upstate New York to Nashville, TN, to attend the American Bus Association (ABA) convention.

The result is a new Bus Ride-Along Film Series on YouTube about modern bus travel in America from the viewpoint of young, tech-savvy travelers. There are four short episodes, less than 10 minutes, about each day of the trip, displaying their fun-filled and eventful bus journey. Watch it on the Trailways website (




The film makers are Catania and Tj Giannetta, 22. This is the first time Trailways has produced a film project of this nature. The YouTube film series captures the bus ride itself, interviews with bus riders and front-line company employees, and several travel destinations.

Trailways had been looking for a young filmmaker to create a bus travel film, but didn’t want to hire just any videographer.

“We waited to find the right person — someone with a passion for bus travel,” said Tony Fiorini, Trailways’ chairman. “Nick takes buses almost everywhere. His love of buses and travel and technical skills were a perfect match for us.”

Participants from the Trailways network included Adirondack Trailways in New York and Martz Trailways in Pennsylvania. They helped with bus tickets and logistics. Greyhound, an interline partner with Trailways, was also a significant partner in the project.