Winnipeg Arts Council unveils bus shelter as public art

Artist David Perret combines function and aesthetics in City.Block.Stop

The only transit shelter designed and built as a piece of public art in Winnipeg was unveiled Wednesday afternoon on the edge of the University of Winnipeg campus. Artist David Perrett designed shelter and nearby sculpture on Ellice Avenue near the University of Winnipeg.

He says he discovered so much to learn through the creative process of designing and building the shelter and the accompanying sculpture nearby.

The Winnipeg Arts Council commissioned the unique shelter through the public arts program. A proposal was circulated among the arts community, looking for an artist to create a transit-focused gateway to the U of W. A jury picked Perrett’s design.

Perrett designed the oversized shelter — made from local mortared stone including sandstone reclaimed from Wesley Hall — and employed local tradespeople to put it together.

The shelter features mortared stone corners, a sand garden roof supported by two red construction I-beams, sculptured stone seating and large, glass sides. Perrett called the work City.Block.Stop

University president Lloyd Axworthy said the art work is helping to forge the campus’s reputation as an arts precinct and destination.