Veolia, SmartDrive partner on high tech camera systems

Veolia and SmartDrive Systems have teamed up to install SmartDrive safety and eco-driving technology in more than 5,000 Veolia Transportation-operated vehicles nationwide. SmartDrive uses video, audio and ECU-connected vehicle data sensors to detect and record sudden stops, aggressive acceleration, excessive speed and hard cornering. The system also allows drivers to recognize fuel-wasting maneuvers with in-cab visual driver feedback. The SmartRecorder is connected to the vehicle engine computer, enabling the measurement of actual improvement in fuel savings rather than estimating savings.

“SmartDrive Safety is proven to reduce a fleet’s collision frequency by over 60 percent in the first year,” said SmartDrive President Jason Palmer. “Fleet managers can then act quickly to help their drivers improve performance, thereby reducing incidents and collisions, and protecting drivers on the road.”

Based in Chicago, Veolia Transportation is the largest private-sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America. For more, visit