Trans-Bridge Lines to begin reservations April 3


Trans-Bridge Lines, the Lehigh Valley’s premier motorcoach company, has announced that it will offer a reservation experience beginning Monday, April 3, on its Doylestown/Flemington routes. All trips will offer passengers confirmed bus runs for the travel date and time booked.

“We are excited to take this next step forward for our passengers and our company,” says Jim JeBran, Executive Vice President/ Treasurer of Trans-Bridge Lines. “We began offering online ticketing in June 2022, and this next transition to a reservation-based system is a natural progression in ensuring a seamless passenger experience. Reservations will give our riders the peace of mind that they are confirmed for the route they intend to utilize.”

Trans-Bridge Lines will transition to reservations beginning with their Doylestown/Flemington Schedules before incorporating their Wall Street, Newark Airport, and Allentown/Clinton routes.

In addition to confirmed seating, the company continues to work closely with their technology vendor to provide augmented features for easy online ticketing, as well as Apple and Google Wallet capability for quick access to boarding passes.

“Our passengers have complete control in managing their accounts and reservations. They have the ability to store their payment methods, favorite traveled runs for quick repurchasing, and flexibility in changing or modifying travel. We will also be accommo- dating with our passengers during this transition, working with them to answer any questions and concerns. In addition, we will  have members of our management team onboard the Doylestown/Flemington route to assist passengers in any way they need,” says JeBran.

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