To Alaska and Hawaii: C-SPAN puts its 45-foot bus on a boat

WHEN? June to Alaska.  August to Hawaii.

HOW? Boats!


  • Nine days on the boats (three from Bellingham, Wash, to Juneau, then one day from Juneau to Haines. Five days back from Anchorage to Tacoma). The bus on the boat will be using the Alaska Marine Highway System and TOTE Maritime Alaska.
  • What kind of boats?

On the Alaska Marine Highway System, the bus will be on two boats.

(1) Bellingham, WA, to Juneau: The MV Columbia, named after the Columbia Glacier in the Prince William Sound.


(2) Juneau to Haines: The MV Malaspina, named after the Malaspina Glacier located in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, the largest piedmont glacier in the world.


3) The bus will also be on a boat from Anchorage returning to Tacoma, WA, setting sail on July 1 from Cook Inlet, where the Port of Alaska is located.  The bus will be on the Orca Class Midnight Sun via TOTE Maritime Alaska.  TOTE’s Orca Class boats are among the most environmental friendly vessels in the US Maritime industry.



  • Eighteen days  (seven from San Diego to Honolulu, two back and forth from Maui, then nine days returning from Hawaii back to San Diego.)
  • Boat from San Diego to Honolulu and then back to San  Diego: Pasha Hawaii’s M/V Jean Anne, the first-ever modern pure car/truck carrier built in a U.S. shipyard.


  • For the two days back and forth from Maui, the bus will be on a tug and barge operated by Young Brothers, which has served as a part of Hawai`i’s critical infrastructure for 118 years.  The 11,700‐ton capacity flat‐deck barge is the Kala`enalu, “Calm Wave.”





  • This is part of the C-SPAN Bus 50 state capitals tour.  When the Bus gets to Alaska it will have been to 37 state capitals, with visits with governors, elected officials, students, educators and community members. Now it’s time to visit Alaska (#38) and Hawaii (#39).
  • We’re working with our cable partners: GCI in Alaska and Spectrum in Hawaii.


  • Visitors to the C-SPAN Bus engage with the on-board interactive tools (360 camera, selfie station, 11 tablets) to learn about our unique public service, online presence, and C-SPAN Classroom’s comprehensive educational resources.
  • Called Voices from the States, C-SPAN is hearing from Americans in all 50 states. Elected officials, citizens, young people, from all walks of life, are sharing their comments on key issues with our national television audience and via our social media platforms.
  • Programming crews from the C-SPAN Cities Tour will capture the rich literary and history traditions in both states.  “Alaska Weekend” will air on C-SPAN networks July 21 and 22.  “Hawaii Weekend” will air on C-SPAN networks TBD.



  • June 15-17: Bus sails from Bellingham, WA to Juneau
  • June 18-19: Events in Juneau
  • June 20-21: Bus sails from Juneau to Haines and drives to Fairbanks
  • June 22-23: Events in Fairbanks
  • June 25-27: Events in Anchorage
  • July 1-5: Bus sails from Anchorage to Tacoma, WA


  • August 8: Bus sails from San Diego to Honolulu
  • August 15-19: Oahu
  • August 20-23: Maui
  • August 24-25: Oahu
  • Aug 28-Sept 6: Bus sails from Honolulu, HI to San Diego, CA