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New Flyer to focus on Xcelsior® as single heavy-duty and BRT transit bus platform

New Flyer Industries Inc. announced today plans to focus on a single heavy-duty transit and BRT bus platform that features its world-class Xcelsior.

New Flyer appoints ABC as distributor of MiDi and Xcelsior Buses for U.S. operators

New Flyer Industries Inc. signed an agreement Tuesday with ABC Companies, Inc. to serve as the exclusive distributor of New Flyer’s MiDi® and Xcelsior® transit buses to U.S. operators.

Xcelsior gives a spirited ride

Xcelsior is more than a name at New Flyer. The company believes the tag encapsulates its spirit of continuous improvement, seeing this new 40-foot diesel-electric hybrid vehicle as the next step in the customer-centric evolution of transit buses.