SPX Genfare announces new executives

The past several years have brought with them positive changes for SPX Genfare. Technology advancements are moving the transit industry into new territory as it relates to electronic, virtual and financial transactions.  SPX Genfare says it has responded to this new environment with a significant investment in product development, resulting in an entirely new suite of products and services tailored to the evolving needs of our customer base. These innovations include Genfare Link™ a new multi-tenant expandable backend office platform, the new Fast Fare® farebox, Fast Fare-e™ a versatile remote reader/validator, mobile payment solutions for a stand-alone or full integrated solution and much more. This evolution in technology, its applications, and use by SPX Genfare customers has put increasing demands upon the Genfare management team to ensure successful product roll out as well as confidence by our customers in the adaptation of these new devices and the increasing number of methods of completing a successful fare transaction.

In order to meet the changes in the market and the rapid technology developments that are taking place, Genfare says it is continuing to adapt and leverage the talent within its’ organization.

Kim Green, executive director of business development for SPX Genfare
Kim Green, executive director of business development for SPX Genfare

Kim Green, well known in the transit industry, is taking on a new role as executive director of business development for Genfare.  In this role, Kim will use 40 years of transit experience to work with Genfare’s client base as they choose the best new fare collection technology solutions for their environment. He will also search for new partnering opportunities and grow Genfare by expansion into adjacent markets and geographies.

Darren Dickson, president of SPX Genfare

Darren Dickson will take on the role of president of SPX Genfare.  Darren brings over 14 years of SPX experience in areas as varied as IT leadership, project management and several executive level operation and integration roles for SPX.  Darren was a key figure in the company’s integration of the Flow Clyde Union acquisition and, most recently, has been in the role of vice president, global project management in SPX Flow Power and Energy.

Both Darren and Kim will be working closely together to ensure SPX Genfare remains dedicated to the technological advancement of the company.  SPX says it remains enthusiastic about the continued advancement of the Genfare business and both Darren and Kim are committed to bringing successful growth to the company.