Safety Vision proudly demonstrates the power of the RoadRecorder® 8000 Mobile Network Video Recorder at APTA EXPO 2017

ATLANTA, GA – Safety Vision, LLC, the leader in mobile video surveillance innovation, is excited about demonstrating its latest technology, including the powerhouse RoadRecorder® 8000 network video recorder (NVR), at the 2017 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) EXPO.  The RoadRecorder 8000’s features promise to bring mass transit surveillance into the next generation with open architecture and exciting partnerships, while their new Safety Vision 360 brings unprecedented panoramic views of your vehicles’ interior with fewer cameras.


Leveraging 20 years of experience in the mobile surveillance industry, Safety Vision has designed the next generation RoadRecorder 8000 NVR to run an in-house developed firmware and software suite (the intuitive and familiar SafetyView ® PRO and SafetyNet™), or to be compatible with multiple open architecture environments, creating the ultimate in NVR versatility.  Regardless of choice, you are certain you are installing the best choice for your transit fleet.

“I am really excited about this incredible solution,” said Phillip King, Account Executive for Safety Vision.  “We really like to be in front of the industry, and I am proud that we are among the first mobile providers to offer this kind of integration.  We leveraged all of our experience in this industry to design a recording server that is built to withstand the abuse of the mobile environment.  It’s a ruggedized, fanless design that can be adapted to nearly any moving vehicle, including rail systems.”  If integrating with one of Safety Vision’s new partners, transit agencies can watch as riders enter a terminal, board a bus or train, and then depart at their stop.  Law enforcement and first responders can add your agency’s mobile views to stationary city surveillance, recording the complete narrative of events and enhancing critical evidence.

In addition to new video recorders, Safety Vision is particularly keen to introduce 360 degree views to its customers.  The Safety Vision 360 camera combines a 2K x 2K resolution image sensor with a fisheye lens and a mobile-rated enclosure to bring amazingly high definition and wide angle views inside of your bus or motor coach.  This view peers over the tops of new high seatbacks and captures a complete event, from the back to the front of the bus, in one camera image.

When visiting Safety Vision’s both at the 2017 APTA EXPO, Madison Nguyen, Account Executive, will be excited to demonstrate this new ability.  “The new 360 camera is seamlessly integrated with our SafetyView PRO software.  It appears like any other camera channel,” says Nguyen.  “You simply right-click to ‘dewarp’ the fisheyed image, and then you can simply scan across it to see everything.  Our customers are really satisfied with SafetyView PRO, so we made certain to make this new type of camera so easily compatible.”  Using familiar click and drag motions, users can pan-and-scan through the camera’s huge image, watching an event unfold in the back of the bus that ends near the front, all in one camera’s view.

Safety Vision is a proud sponsor of APTA and actively seeks to enhance the experiences of its attendee members during the 2017 EXPO.

About Safety Vision, LLC 

Safety Vision is among the most recognized vendors of mobile video surveillance products in North America since 1993.  Our solutions continually enhance vehicular safety in both the private and public sectors.  Safety Vision’s product offering includes digital video recorders, network video recorders, hybrid video recorders, analog and IP cameras, rear vision cameras, as well as a suite of intuitive software.  Safety Vision prides itself on its forward-thinking ideology, comprehensive solutions, extensive client list, and proven results.  Please contact us at or 800-880-8855.