REV Group’s commercial and recreation segments partner with LiquidSpring Smart Suspension

REV Group (REVG), manufacturer of industry-leading specialty vehicle brands, announces select Bus and RV subsidiaries will now have the upgrade option of LiquidSpring, an innovative, high-tech suspension system which reduces body roll and vibration.

ElDorado and Champion buses, and Fleetwood RV, will join REV Ambulance brands Horton, AEV, Leader, Wheeled Coach, Road Rescue and McCoy Miller, to offer LiquidSpring as a standard factory-installed upgrade option on their supported chassis. LiquidSpring is an active suspension system utilizing variable spring rates. The suspension uses a microprocessor to optimize the ride based on the vehicle’s steering, speed, braking level, and the motion at each wheel. It also senses sharp turns or evasive maneuvers and stiffens in milliseconds to improve handling. LiquidSpring can help prevent driver fatigue from fighting the wind and can offer better driver and passenger comfort.

“At REV Group, our vehicles are designed and manufactured to ‘connect and protect’,” said Brian Perry, President of Commercial Segment, REV Group. “We are committed to offering the best in safety innovation and LiquidSpring Smart Suspension technology helps ensure better driver and passenger comfort and stability.”