Reason Foundation: highway conditions best in 17 years

Drivers may complain about bad roads in the U.S., but a new report claims state highway conditions are the best in 17 years. The Reason Foundation’s 19th annual Highway Report reveals highway pavement conditions nationally are at their best since 1993, while rural roads are at their smoothest now. The organization uses 11 categories to measure the condition and cost-effectiveness of state-owned roadways. Taken into consideration is urban traffic congestion, fatality rates and general infrastructure deterioration.

The report finds California and Hawaii drivers are dealing with the most potholes on urban highways. In both states, 25 percent of interstate roads are in poor condition. Meanwhile, 53 percent of bridges in Rhode Island are deficient, compared to just 10 percent in top-ranked Nevada. Nationwide, nearly 24 percent of bridges are functionally obsolete or structurally deficient. Motorists in California, Minnesota, Maryland, Michigan and Connecticut have the worst traffic.

Overall, North Dakota, Montana and Kansas are at the top of the list for most cost-effective state highway systems. At the bottom are Rhode Island, Alaska, California, Hawaii and New York. Founded in 1968, the Reason Foundation is a nonprofit organization advancing “free minds and free markets.” For more, visit