Pinnellas Suncoast Transit Authority rolls out 14 Gillig hybrid buses

The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, St. Petersburg, FL, rolls out 14 state-of-the-art, diesel-electric hybrid buses for service today. PSTA already operates 10 hybrids and says they have greatly exceeded initial expectations for fuel savings and efficiency. When the PSTA Board of Directors authorized the purchase of the first diesel-electric hybrid buses two years ago, the bus manufacturer, Gillig Corporation, claimed the hybrids would use 20 percent less fuel on average than regular PSTA diesel buses. During their first year of operation, the hybrids have experienced a 56 percent increase in fuel economy.

The buses have been branded with PSTA’s signature SmartBus logos; fareboxes, computers, and communications equipment is also installed.

“Most of that work can be done at the factory, but we actually do it here for less,” says PSTA Director of Maintenance Jeff Easterling. “It takes several days to get each bus fully equipped for passenger service, so all of the new buses will be on the road within a few weeks.”

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