Orion buses bound for Washington, D.C.

Some 51 Orion VII transit buses are destined for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). The agency purchased 26 Orion VII clean diesel and 25 Orion VII diesel-electric series hybrid buses in a move to replace its current vintage 1997 Orion V models.

The Orion VII’s new streamlined appearance begins at the front with a two-piece symmetrical windshield set at a common angle and integrated destination sign.
The modernization of the Orion VII continues to the sides as the passenger windows have been updated with continuous side glass. Fewer seams are used on the side panels, which are available in aluminum or fiberglass. Exterior compartment doors have all been upgraded with improved hardware to improve aesthetics, while maintaining functionality.

The rear of the bus was redesigned to provide maximum accessibility to the engine compartment. The width of the engine door has been increased and the door has new gas springs that are mounted to provide easier access. The rear lamp panels are hinged to swing aside for even greater access to the engine compartment and can easily be completely removed for even more access.