NYC coach crashes enroute to Atlantic City, NJ

Driver thrown from bus; 24 injured

Bloomberg Businessweek reports today, June 24, 2010, that a bus owned by Sun Lee Bus Co. New York, NY, carrying 50 people to Atlantic City, NJ, from New York’s Chinatown rear-ended a car around 11:30 am and skidded 80 feet along a retaining wall on a bridge before stopping. The accident occurred on eastbound Route 40, known locally as Albany Avenue, on the outskirts of the city.

According to authorities the crash injured 24 people, two of them critically. The driver was thrown from the vehicle at some point.

Police the driver was unable to stop the coach for the stopped traffic ahead of him. An officer said he was apparently having some issues getting the coach stopped.

The bus initially struck a center divider, then rear-ended a Mazda, which spun around. The bus driver swerved to avoid hitting other vehicles, and the bus struck the retaining wall on a bridge over Absecon Bay. It then skidded along the wall.

The bus windshield was smashed out and its front grill and bumper were gone. Its front passenger door was mangled and hanging off the side.Two people were critically injured, 22 others were being treated at hospitals, according to authorities.