New York commuters brace for more transit cutbacks

37 bus routes being elimiated

New York news media report today, June 24, 2010, that New York City commuters who rely on the country’s largest public transportation system will have to figure out how to travel around New York City with fewer subway and bus lines.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is slashing whole service lines,and rerouting and reducing remaining services this weekend. The cutbacks are to help fill an $800 million budget gap, and the MTA says the reductions will save more than $90 million.

Two subway lines between Manhattan and Queens are scheduled to make their final runs Friday night. By Monday morning, another line will be rerouted to cover some of the cut stations.

The city’s bus lines are also taking a hit, with 37 routes being eliminated and others facing service reductions at night and on weekends. Train and bus service also is being reduced in the New York’ suburbs.