New J.J. Keller programs help companies comply with alcohol and drug testing requirements

Keeping impaired drivers off the roads is critical to avoiding accidents. For companies with drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), so is complying with the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) alcohol and drug testing requirements. Two new training programs from J. J. Keller help make satisfying these requirements easier.

Alcohol & Drug Testing: What Drivers Need To Know and Reasonable Suspicion Testing: What Supervisors Need To Know will help companies satisfy driver education and supervisor training requirements.

Both programs feature engaging videos with real-world scenarios and support materials with learning activities. Together, they give drivers and supervisors a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in the testing process.

“These training programs are a ready-to-use solution when it comes to providing supervisors with required training and drivers with required information,” said Jill Schultz, editor of transportation safety content at J. J. Keller. “Together, the programs offer the critical information safety professionals need to ensure compliance with DOT’s alcohol and drug requirements.”

Using a conversational tone that speaks directly to drivers, Alcohol & Drug Testing: What Drivers Need To Know covers the 11 required areas that must be addressed with drivers including the circumstances of required testing, alcohol and drug testing procedures, the consequences of alcohol abuse and drug use to the driver’s health and the public’s safety, and refusal to submit to testing. The DVD program includes a video, trainer guide, trainer tools CD-ROM, 11 driver handbooks, 10 wallet cards, an awareness poster, and an alcohol and drug testing file packet.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing: What Supervisors Need To Know educates supervisors on how to determine whether there is cause for reasonable suspicion testing based on observable behaviors, and helps companies meet the requirement that supervisors receive 60 minutes of training on alcohol abuse and an additional 60 minutes of training on controlled substance use. The DVD program includes a video, a trainer guide, a trainer tools CD-ROM, six supervisor workbooks, and six observed behavior reasonable suspicion record forms.

Both programs are also available in Pay Per View and Online Course formats. For more information, visit or call 800-327-6868.