NABDA delivers local flavor to multiple facilities

Nine bus dealers align to provide cohesive service and guidance

In operation since 2003, the North American Bus Dealers Association (NABDA) is a consortium of bus dealers throughout North America dedicated to solving the problems national and regional purchasers often face with local after-market support at each of their facilities.

“Often companies will purchase their buses from a local dealer or through a national account,” says Andy Rolfe, president of Arcola Bus Sales, Carlstadt, NJ.  “All too often they will complain vehicles drop shipped from the factory with defects. Or they discover their new vehicles were not optimally configured to meet their specific needs, or there is staff not properly on the equipment, quality parts and service are not available in their area, as well as a lack of on-going warranty support.”

Rolfe says the nine member dealers across the continent that comprise NABDA are positioned to consistently provide the highest quality products and services.

“We each believe a bus purchase is a tremendous investment for our customers,” he says. “We each feel a responsibility as a stakeholder for as long as the bus is in operation regardless of where it is delivered.”

As an alliance, NABDA says only quality local support will ensure satisfied owners, and  this cannot be achieved without the cooperation of a network of other dealers.

Representing virtually every bus manufacturer, the NABDA allows the member dealers to share the training, resources and knowledge necessary to help account managers guide their customers. As a result, account managers are able to provide unbiased information and evaluate specific needs to recommend vehicles most suitable for the particular application.

For the occasional customer who cannot wait for an order can draw from the collective NABDA vehicle inventory.

“Most likely, with nine dealers to choose from, we can provide something extremely close,” says Rolfe. “The customer can still count on every vehicle being put through an extensive pre-delivery inspection to ensure that all systems and components are functioning properly upon delivery.”

He says NABDA will deliver the vehicle titled, registered and inspected. An alliance member will complete all warranty documentation and file with the appropriate component manufacturers to ensure that each site gets the proper support as needed, as well as arrange for vehicle service and warranty repairs at local qualified shops.

Each member serves as a regional parts depot to minimize downtime.