Money earmarked for 50 new Chicago transit cops

On Wednesday Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the hire of 50 full-time police officers to patrol the city’s bus and rail system. According to the Chicago Tribune, the city already sets aside $9.2 million for 60 officers for protection on buses and rail lines. The city’s latest investment will be $800,000. The new officers are part of a plan to increase security in the transit system. About 3,000 new high-resolution video cameras will be installed at CTA rail stations by year’s end.

The Tribune reports there were 581 confirmed robberies on CTA property in Chicago in 2010, an average of 48 a month. From January through May of this year, 294 robberies occurred, or nearly 60 a month. That equates to a 23-percent increase in crimes from 2010.

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