MCI unveils new logo

Motor Coach Industries has unveiled a new logo and tagline to reflect its focus on building reliable coaches in North America. MCI will be rolling out its new campaign and the latest updates to the J4500 at ABA Marketplace, Jan. 6 – 10 in Grapevine, TX and UMA Motor Coach EXPO, Feb. 8 – 12 in Long Beach, CA.

“We’ll be using ‘Reliability Driven’ to tell the reliability story for MCI models,” said Patricia Ziska, MCI vice president of sales and marketing. “At one time, MCI used the slogan ‘Mark of Responsibility’ to emphasize the total commitment MCI has for its customers and its products. Our new slogan not only communicates our corporate culture, but what our customers and the industry can expect from MCI today and in the future. The look of our new logo combines the stamp of MCI with our corporate emblem unifying our traditional core strength with today’s vision.”

Updates MCI is making to the J4500 include:

  • Improved cooling system released with the 2010 EPA engine technology
  • A more robust electrical system that uses fully sealed connectors with key components protected from the elements
  • A wide-ride suspension, offering coach stability and improved handling
  • An optional steerable rear tag axle for a tighter turning radius
  • Stronger baggage bay door cables
  • Greased hinges on service doors
  • Three brushless motors, including one evaporator motor and two condenser motors, that are easier to maintain
  • Updated tag axle unloading valves to reduce air leaks.

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