Madison County Transit deploys Crosspoint Kinetics Hybrid System

Crosspoint Kinetics, LLC, a newly formed subsidiary of Cummins Crosspoint, LLC, has completed the installation of 43 second-generation electric hybrid systems into Madison County Transit’s (MCT) Granite City, IL, bus fleet.

The Crosspoint Kinetics Hybrid System improves acceleration performance, lowers fuel consumption, and reduces emissions for Madison County Transit’s operators and riders by capturing regenerative braking energy from frequent stops and reusing that energy for fuel-intensive accelerations.

The systems were purchased through a contract awarded to Southern Bus and Mobility, Breese, IL, and were installed into new Turtle Top Odyssey buses.

Crosspoint Kinetics worked closely with Turtle Top, Southern Bus and Mobility, and Madison County Transit officials to optimize the hybrid system for use in fixed-route and para-transit applications. Crosspoint Kinetics’ new installation facility in Mishawaka, IN, sped Madison County Transit’s shift to green with each hybrid install taking less than one day.

“Partnering on this important project has allowed us to customize and tune the hybrid experience for our customers,” said John McNichols, Crosspoint Kinetics product director. “New functionality and features such as a refined driver feedback and performance monitoring are being developed from the feedback and input we receive from our partners such as MCT.”

Madison County Transit has dispatched the 43 hybrid buses into service and is now training bus operators on how to drive most efficiently in order to gain the most advantage from the hybrid technology.

MCT officials hope to drive substantial cost savings through better fleet fuel economy as well as better air quality for their communities.

Crosspoint Kinetics’ hybrid is available throughout North America from select bus manufacturers and dealers such as Turtle Top and Southern Bus and Mobility.