InterClean Equipment announces BuyBoard vendor contract

InterClean Equipment, one of the leading and sustainable, innovative commercial vehicle wash systems and water recycling pioneers in the world, today announced it has been awarded a contract with the BuyBoard, a purchasing cooperative, to increase the buying power of school districts and other public agencies for capital equipment. As a member company, InterClean will be able to promote and sell its unique heavy duty school bus and truck wash systems directly to BuyBoard members without needing to go through the bidding process.

To be considered as a BuyBoard member, InterClean participated in a competitive bid process in which it provided detailed information about the company, its distributors, product offerings, pricing, FTA and state funding compliance. InterClean was awarded a three-year contract with the option for renewal.

“The BuyBoard contract gives us a direct pipeline to participating school districts and other public agencies. This nationwide contract provides competitive bid pricing and eliminates the labor-intensive bidding process, which saves resources for the school districts,” said Phil Luurtsema, Area Manager, InterClean. “Our innovative and sustainable bus wash systems are customized to meet each school district’s unique requirements and site-specific needs. This will help them maintain compliance with regulatory goals for cleanliness, maintenance, safety and reliability.”

InterClean makes several innovative heavy duty automatic wash systems that offer a patented water recycling module:

  • The XJ Wash System offers drive-through friction and optional touchless cleaning. The most popular configuration for school buses includes an overlapping four-brush system to wrap the bus, while touchless cleaning technology is used to clean the front, mirrors, wheels and chassis.
  • The Ultra Gantry Wash System is a roll-over machine that can be made with friction cleaning, touchless technology or a combination of both systems.
  • The Alpha 500 Wash System is a mobile wash system with a single vertical brush mounted on a diesel or battery-powered machine. This walk around wash system provides an efficient and cost-effective upgrade from manual washing.

“School districts and other public agencies need to save money wherever they can,” said Luurtsema. “As a BuyBoard vendor, InterClean bus and truck wash systems are an affordable and convenient option to keep school bus and truck fleets in compliance with regulatory goals for maintenance by making washing convenient, fast and effective.”