GoRaleigh and INIT partner for Electric Fleet Smart Charge Management System


GoRaleigh, the public transit provider serving Raleigh and surrounding communities in Wake County, NC, has partnered with INIT for an electrified smart charge management system to help run their recently rolled out electric fleet.

The agency will utilize INIT‘s charge management solution, MOBILEcharge, to automate charging processes, efficiently manage power demands, align service schedules and proactively maintain their new e-vehicles. Integration with the agency’s CAD/AVL and planning systems will allow for real-time charging plan updates according to operational needs, ensuring vehicles are charged in an economical and efficient manner.

David Eatman, Assistant Director, City of Raleigh Department of Transportation said, “Our partnership with INIT will allow us to intelligently manage the charging process for our e-buses and realize cost savings through efficient load management & prioritization according to operational needs.“

GoRaleigh‘s staff will use the system to monitor and coordinate charging activities and ensure electricity limits are not exceeded. They will also be able to categorize the services a vehicle may need to perform (e.g., distinguishing between states of charge suitable for a full day versus rush-hour assignment), so those plans can be easily implemented again in the future.

The comprehensive functionalities of the INIT solution align with the agency‘s goal to transition 70% of its fleet to zero or near-zero emissions by 2023.

GoRaleigh will benefit from reduced electricity costs, improved operational efficiency, and continual maintainenance of a growing fleet of electric vehicles in the long-term. Due to its scalability, INIT’s smart charge management system can support GoRaleigh as it continues to grow and expand services.