Free shuttle to aid homeless in Kalaeloa, HI

To call attention to the plight of homeless people in the area, Kalaeloa, HI,  is starting a free shuttle service to help the area’s poorest residents get around and reach its largest transit hub, which services nearby Honolulu.

Every day, extremely poor people who need to make it to work and back to a shelter often do not have money or access to public transit. The shuttle set to begin running August 9 will service more than 500 residents of homeless and transitional shelters, taking them through Kalaeloa and to Kapolei Transit Center, where they can continue on to Honolulu.

The project is managed by Hawaii Helping the Hungry Have Hope (H-5), and operation costs — estimated at about $148,000 for the first year — are being covered by the city, state, and a group of nonprofits with matching federal funds.

Eventually, organizers hope to expand routes and provide more nighttime service. The shuttle committee is also proposing a family pass for the shuttles, which would give a fixed rate for large families who want to take advantage of the service.

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