First Transit providing employment opportunities for returning soldiers

Cincinnati-based First Transit, Inc. recently confirmed a partnership with the United States Army’s Partnership for Youth Success (PaYs) program. The partnership presents an opportunity for soldiers returning from duty the ability to locate and interview for employment opportunities with First Transit. The available positions include maintenance staff, transit drivers and many more within the company’s division.

Left to right are Brad Thomas, President, First Transit and First Services, Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Field and Command Sergeant Major Charles Pulliam.

“With this partnership, First Transit has the ability to choose from a dedicated and professional pool of applicants,” said Brad Thomas, president of First Transit and First Services. “The training our military men and women acquire gives them the tools needed to immediately make an impact within our operations. The military instills a focus and discipline into its personnel that is a perfect fit to the culture within First Transit.”

The PaYS program is a nationwide Army program with hundreds of corporate partners, offering potential jobs to returning or retiring Soldiers after their service to their country is complete. Through this program thousands of professionally trained soldiers have the opportunity to become employees of First Transit and First Services throughout North America.