First Transit, MV Transportation awarded transit contracts

First Transit, Inc. was awarded the transit management contract for Sun Metro’s fixed-route service and MV Transportation, Inc. was awarded the transit service contract for Sun Metro’s LIFT (paratransit) service by the El Paso City Council, in the capacity of the Mass Transit Department Board.

The total estimated cost for both contracts is $43.4 million. The contracts are for five-year terms, with an option for two additional years.

The option to award the LIFT’s transit service contract to MV Transportation, Inc., will save an estimated $1.25 million annually, as compared to providing the same service internally.

El Paso will continue to maintain oversight over both fixed-route and LIFT transportation services to ensure that customer service for all Sun Metro clientele improves, and ongoing compliance with service standards are met at the highest levels.

Additionally, the City does not anticipate any LIFT employees to be without comparable employment as it will implement a substantial staffing strategy. For employees who wish to stay with the city of El Paso, Sun Metro will continue to freeze key vacancies at the ever-growing fixed route and will likely be able to absorb most, if not all, employees. Employees also may choose to work in other city departments, or for MV Transportation, Inc.