ETA Transit announces the award of Valley Regional Transit intelligent transit system contract


ETA Transit is pleased to announce the addition of Valley Regional Transit (VRT) in Meridian, Idaho, to its growing fleet of intelligent transit system (ITS) customers. The 67-vehicle fleet will enjoy a full featured CAD/AVL system, automatic voice announcements, traffic signal prioritization, digital pre-trip inspections, GTFS-RT data feeds, and automatic passenger counters.

This deployment represents a substantial upgrade to the previous onboard technology and emphasizes the modern need for real-time information and passenger engagement. In addition, the combination of these systems into one unified solution provides VRT with a strong foundation for future growth and expansion to meet the challenges of its rapidly evolving transit environment.

“Valley Regional Transit represents an ideal customer for ETA and our SPOT intelligent transit system,” notes ETA CEO Nicole Castonguay. “They are a smart group of forward-thinking transit leaders who recognize the advantages that modern, cloud-hosted systems hold over legacy, on-site systems. As a result, VRT is getting exactly the system they need to position their operations to meet the challenges of 21st-century public transportation.”

The SPOT system simplifies employee responsibility with situationally relevant tools. In addition, the accessibility of real-time information improves both confidence and efficiency for both riders and transit professionals while delivering the reliable data and insights Valley Regional Transit administration needs to make informed decisions about the future of this growing transit operation.