DriveCam, DC Metro partner for camera installation, monitoring

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and DriveCam have entered into a five-year deal that will have the company’s cameras installed in Metro’s fleet of 1,500 buses. The cameras will document driving incidents and will aid drivers in developing safer driving habits. As part of the agreement, San Diego-CA based DriveCam will analyze video footage and will offer feedback for supervisors and management on an operator’s driving habits.

Currently, cameras on Metro buses capture customer-related incidents. The new cameras will document what occurs inside and outside the vehicle, and will detect when a driver avoids an accident, brakes or accelerates suddenly, or turns sharply. The cameras will also capture any accidents or violations. It’s expected all Metro buses will be fitted with the DriveCam cameras by January. Cost to install the cameras and monitor the footage is $3 million over the next two years. Metrobuses operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and transport about 430,000 passengers throughout the national capital region each weekday. For more, visit