Colossal storm wreaking havoc for transit users

From Dallas to Boston, transit passengers have been paralyzed by what’s being called a colossal winter storm. In most major cities public transit and paratransit services have either been canceled or are running on a route-by-route basis due to heavy snow, sleet and freezing rain. In downtown Dallas more than 200 people were left stranded in the Greyhound bus station on Tuesday. They have been told that it could Thursday before they leave on their destinations. Overall, Greyhound, the largest U.S. consumer bus company, reported more than 47 route cancelations until further notice.

In Kansas City, metro officials said although some buses are running, the routes they take will be alternates depending on snow accumulation. Officials encouraged people to stay at home today if possible. In Chicago, up to two feet of snow has brought most transit in the city to nearly a standstill, including flights in and out of O’Hare International Airport.