Bus ad controversy continues in Seattle

Days after a controversial bus ad alleging “Israeli war crimes” was rejected by Metro Transit in Seattle, ad supporters openly protested on Christmas Eve in front of the King County Administration Building. The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign pushed for the ad to adorn at least a dozen buses. Members of the group placed duct tape over their mouths, insinuating that their freedom of speech rights had been violated with the ad’s rejection.

The ad was originally accepted by Metro Transit, which immediately sparked outrage from a number of Jewish and Christian groups. The ad brought thousands of comments – mostly negative – directed toward King County officials. According to the Seattle Times, Metro Transit officials were concerned the ad would disrupt bus service. An organizer of the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign told the Times the group is consulting with the American Civil Liberties Union and a possible law suit. The group had planned another vigil and protest on Monday. For more, visit www.seattletimes.com.