APTA statement on selection of Anthony Foxx for secretary of transportation

“On behalf of the 1,500 members of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), I applaud President Obama’s selection of Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and look forward to working with him to advance public transportation nationwide,” said APTA President and CEO Michael Melaniphy. “Mayor Foxx has been a strong advocate for public transportation in Charlotte, and as a local mayor, he understands the critical role public transit plays in the economic vitality of our communities — and the importance of a strong local, state and federal partnership in infrastructure investment.”

“Mayor Anthony Foxx’s record shows that he is a champion of a balanced transportation system, in which public transportation plays a vital role. This transportation vision will make America economically competitive,” said APTA Chair Flora Castillo. “His support for public transportation shows that Mayor Foxx knows that people need access to jobs and public transit offers an important service in helping millions of Americans go to work.”

“Mayor Foxx has led a city that has not only embraced public transportation, but has also thrived and revitalized as a direct result of the investments they have made in providing people with public transportation options,” said Melaniphy. “As a former general manager of Charlotte Transit, I am especially pleased to see one of Charlotte’s own selected to lead this nation’s transportation system.”

Mayor Foxx, the current chair of the Metropolitan Transit Commission, successfully led efforts to advance regional transportation initiatives including breaking ground on the streetcar project and a third runway at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, and securing $1 billion in funding to extend the LYNX Blue Line to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.