APTA responds to the Republican Roadmap’s proposed cuts to public transit investment

Thursday, May 27, American Public Transportation Association (APTA) President and CEO, Paul P. Skoutelas, made the following statement in response to the Republican Roadmap’s proposal to cut public transit investment by more than $15 billion.

“Although the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) appreciates continued efforts to reach bipartisan compromise on infrastructure legislation, we are deeply disappointed with the Republican Roadmap outlined today.

The Republican Roadmap proposes to cut current public transit investment by more than $15 billion over the eight-year period, when we should be making robust investment. It will only leave the country further behind in the decade to come—on restoring our economy; on providing transportation equity; and on addressing the existential threat of climate change. We also strongly oppose any efforts to rescind COVID-19 relief transit funding to pay for this proposal.

We strongly urge the Biden-Harris Administration and Congress to significantly increase forward-looking infrastructure investment that modernizes public transit and passenger rail systems and meets the growing and evolving mobility demands of communities.”

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