Adapt to COVID with Microtransit

The following letter from TripSpark details solutions your agency can use to adapt to circumstances as we are all impacted by COVID-19.

We know that the transit industry faces new challenges every day, but no one could have predicted today’s changing landscape. We want to start by expressing our support for you and your team. We can help.

As an example, longtime TripSpark partner, Lethbridge Transit, recently implemented a microtransit solution using our demand-response system to adapt to the dramatic change in ridership brought on by COVID-19. The new service allows riders to book rides on-demand on their existing full-sized fixed route buses. They can control the use of the new service, by limiting it to essential trips only, for example, as well as the maximum number of riders on any given vehicle.

Microtransit addresses more than just pandemics — it also provides service to low-density or inaccessible areas, among other benefits. To learn more about it, and our microtransit app, Rides on Demand, click here

TripSpark has a history of providing software for successful fixed route and paratransit service across North America. In case you missed the recent article, another longtime partner of ours, Blacksburg Transit, who uses TripSpark’s fixed route software, won the American Public Transportation Association’s 2019 Outstanding Transit System award for North America. Read the BusRide story about how they were able to use big data to make big decisions.

As the threat of the pandemic gradually diminishes, we are guardedly looking forward to what will be the new normal, and we are here to support your agency in adapting to that reality. We invite you to learn more about our fixed route and demand-response software, and our microtransit solution, Rides on Demand, and see how they can further support your operations. 

Wishing you the best, 

Tanya Brusse, 

Transit Senior Product Manager 

TripSpark Technologies