Seon Launches New Line of High-Definition Surveillance Systems


The TH Series features hybrid technology to support existing standard definition cameras

Seon, Coquitlam, BC, announced the launch of its new line of high-definition (HD) hybrid video surveillance systems which includes the TH6, TH4 and TH4C Hybrid DVRs, and the HD3 and HD1 series high-definition interior dome and outdoor wedge cameras.  These hybrid systems are specifically designed for fleets that want multiple high-definition views inside and outside the vehicle with the flexibility to extend the life of existing standard definition cameras.

“Unlike most hybrid DVRs on the market today that allow for only 1 or 2 HD cameras to be added on specific, dedicated ports, the TH Series offers the flexibility to add up to 6 HD cameras on any camera port, making it the perfect system for fleets with constantly evolving safety and security needs,” says Derek Tse, Senior Product Manager. “Fleet managers can improve image clarity where needed while continuing to support existing standard resolution cameras. This is truly a cost-effective way to upgrade to keep pace with technology.”


TH Series DVRs

The TH series offers three options for high-definition recording: TH6, TH4, and TH4C. Any combination of standard resolution analog or high-definition cameras for a total of 4 or 6 video and audio channels, record at up to 30 FPS simultaneously.  Hybrid support allows selection of the widest range of camera options to suit the needs of every fleet.  Up to 2 TB of storage capacity ensures maximum video retention time.  And unlike other systems on the market that require customized programming and additional peripherals, the TH Series has been specifically designed for quick and easy camera installation, featuring simple plug and play technology.

The top-of-the-lineTH6 system supports up to six high-definition cameras (720/1080p) at up to 30 FPS with SuperCaps technology to ensure video is protected in the event of a sudden power loss during an accident. A second low-resolution video stream is recorded via SD card back-up. For school bus surveillance applications, six cameras configured along each side of the bus deliver a cross view between the seats, for complete coverage of students seated in high-backed seats. Also ideal for para-transit applications, this six channel solution can offer complete coverage including a view out the front windshield for investigating collision claims.

The TH4 records four high-definition camera view at 720p/30FPS with up to 2 TB hard drive storage media and an SD card back-up for low resolution video stream recording.

The TH4C is designed for entry level surveillance, Type A school buses, and para-transit vehicles, recording four HD cameras at 720p/30 FPS and features an SD card as primary storage for portability and convenience.  The TH4C also offers a built-in G-sensor to record risky driving behaviors such as swerving, hard braking, or sharp turns.

TH6 and TH4 system are available to order with TH4C general availability targeted for Q3-2017.


HD3Q High-definition Interior Dome Camera

Customized to suit any interior mobile surveillance application, this HD camera is easily adjustable to capture events inside the bus. This dome camera has a low-profile, vandal-resistant housing to better blend in with vehicle décor while improving image clarity with up to 1080p progressive scan resolution.  This high-definition dome is fast and easy to install – just plug and play. Infrared LEDs, wide dynamic range, and back-light compensation technology ensures a sharp, clear image regardless of light conditions. This camera is compatible with the TH6 system.


HD3W High-definition Outdoor Wedge Camera

The HD3W next-generation camera uses fully selectable 1080p  progressive scan technology to deliver a clear, crisp high-definition image with up to six times the resolution of a typical analog camera – for applications where picture quality is paramount, such as license plate capture, forward facing camera recording, and zooming in on key details. This IP67 rated camera with a weatherproof and vandal-resistant housing, protects camera technology against the harshest outdoor conditions. This camera is compatible with the TH6 system.


HD1Q High-definition Interior Dome Camera

This high-definition dome camera is designed for interior surveillance delivering 720P resolution. Infrared LEDs, wide dynamic range, and back-light compensation technology ensures a sharp, clear image regardless of light conditions.  This camera is compatible with the entire line of TH series DVRs.


HD1W High-definition Outdoor Wedge Camera

This high-definition exterior wedge camera delivers 720P resolution and is designed with a weatherproof housing to withstand harsh weather conditions. This camera is compatible with the entire line of TH series DVRs.


TH Accessories/Software

New versions of Seon’s vMax View playback and archiving software and vMax Commander video management and wireless downloading software support this new system and are backward compatible with legacy Seon DVRs such as the Trooper TL2, TL4 and TL-HD as well as the Explorer TX8, DX12, DX-HD and HX16.

Existing Seon hard drive docking stations will support TH6 and TH4 hard drives, so there is no need to purchase any additional viewing equipment.

“The beauty of this new line of high-definition camera systems is how easy it is to upgrade to sharper crisper images in key areas, while extending the use of existing Seon standard definition cameras,” adds Chris Akiyama, VP, School Bus Division. “It is a simple, cost-effective update that can have a big impact on the quality of your video evidence.”

The TH Series will be on display at the upcoming state school transportation and transit shows and STN Expo in July 2017. For more information about TH Series High-definition Surveillance systems please visit their web site at