Prevost customers sign up in numbers to support Motorcoach Council

Prevost, Ste. Claire, QB, Canada, a leading participant in the opt-in parts program introduced by the Motorcoach Council reports the initiative is receiving enthusiastic support from its council partner customers. In the program, coach operators agree to donate one half of one percent of their net parts purchases, which Prevost then matches—up to $50,000 for the year.

“Over half a dozen Prevost customers from throughout the country have already come on board,” says Jack Forbes, Vice President Parts Sales and Business Development. “We are delighted this response exceeds our expectations.”

Brian Annett, president of Florida-based Annett Bus Lines, views the program from the perspective of coach operator, Motorcoach Council board member and Prevost customer, and is enthusiastic about its potential and the reception it has received.

“This is the council’s first attempt at a national industry-wide marketing effort,” he explained. “Having major stakeholders like Prevost on board will help make us all stronger. When we all contribute to the same kitty it adds up, and by joining together we can help sustainable transportation grow.”

Tom Bazow, president of Excursion Trailways of Indiana and Ohio and also a founding member of the council, added that the program will help the council advance its mission and get out the message that motorcoach travel is safe and green.

The voluntary parts program was created as a not-for-profit organization promoting the benefits of motorcoach transportation, to raise funds for educational outreach. That effort includes a public awareness campaign aimed at shifting public perceptions of motorcoach travel. Public service announcements will encourage consumers to think of motorcoaches as a greener, more affordable and practical means of travel than planes, trains, or single-occupant vehicles.