New BRT campaign rocks San Diego

MTS fleet features 26 NABI 60-ft articulated BRT vehicles

The sleek 60-ft articulated BRT vehicles by NABI replaces an aging fleet in San Diego, CA.

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) has taken a dramatic step in replacing its aging fleet with 26 new 60-ft articulated BRT buses from North American Bus Industries (NABI), Anniston, AL, and the marketing campaign to promote the purchase reflects the excitement of the agency and the community.

“We have a brand new kind of bus, with a brand new look and a brand new feel,” says Rob Schupp, MTS director of marketing and communications. “The BRTs have such a sleek, streamline look, we wanted to take full advantage of their debut.”

Schupp and his in-house marketing team produced a multi-media advertising campaign that casts the BRTs as stars of the MTS show. The campaign included 13 billboards around San Diego, bus shelter posters, door hangers and a photo contest.
The sleek 60-ft articulated BRT vehicles by NABI replaces an aging fleet in San Diego, CA.

“The goal of the campaign was to elevate our brand image,” he says.  “We let the people of San Diego know we upgraded our fleet with these new futuristic-looking buses, and that they are kinder to the environment.”

The NABI BRTs for MTS came equipped with CNG power plants.

“That was a big factor for MTS,” says Bill Coryell, NABI vice president, sales, western region. “San Diego MTS has been converting its fleet from diesel engines to the cleaner burning CNG power plants.”

Coryell says MTS also paid close attention to the lower cost-per-passenger figures that the same vehicles were delivering in Los Angeles.

Paul Jablonski, CEO of the MTS says the buses themselves are like traveling billboards. “They communicate instantly the MTS mission to provide convenient and reliable service,” he says. “Beyond that they certainly enhance the riding experience for passengers. I think a lot of people are pretty jazzed up about them.”  BR