Martz Group assists FEMA in Harvey relief

On August 28th, 2017 the Martz Group, a 109 year old company,  received a call from FEMA to help assist with immediate Hurricane Evacuation. The Martz Group, which specializes in transportation, immediately got prepared and sent 7 full size busses from their St. Petersburg Florida location to assist FEMA with Hurricane Evacuation in San Antonio. The busses traveled 1,307 miles, a 30 hour driver, to pick up evacuees and take them to the evacuation centers appointed by FEMA.

“We are fortunate to have equipment and drivers willing to go help assist the needs of Texas. We are proud of our team for their willingness and enthusiasm to step up and help those in need. We are planning to keep our drivers and equipment in San Antonio indefinitely until the communities have been assisted.  With such an unfortunate event to hit Texas, it is nice to see the entire country coming together to help. As part of the Martz Group, we are happy to aid in any way possible to help bring everyone to safety” said Craig Smith CEO of the Martz Group.

The 7 busses, which are capable of moving 392 people with each trip, will be used to transport some commodities as well as evacuees. Supplies such as trash bags, water bottles, and non-perishable food items were sent with the busses. The 7 busses, 7 drivers and 1 mechanic will be stationed in Houston indefinitely.

“The impact of Harvey has affected tens of thousands of individuals. As all the communities fight to overcome this natural disaster, we are willing and able to help in any way possible during this difficult time. We are very fortunate to be able to help in such times of need. We want to show our support for Texas and let them know the rest of the country is here to help and support them in any way possible.” said Scott Henry Chairman of the Martz Group.

Who: The Martz Group, St. Petersburg Location.

What: 7 busses, 7 drivers and 1 mechanic. (Each bus can seat 56 passengers, 385 total seats)

Where: The busses traveled 1,307 miles, 30 hours of drive time to Houston. They will be stationed in Houston indefinitely.

When: Left St. Petersburg Florida location on August 28th and will remain stationed in San Antonio indefinitely.

Why: TMS Logistics, a FEMA contractor for Hurricane Harvey relief, collaborated with the Martz Group to send all the busses we could to help with evacuation.