Luminator pairs with Tolar Manufacturing for transit smart shelter solutions

Luminator Technology Group (Luminator), a provider of transit passenger information display solutions and Tolar Manufacturing Company (Tolar), North America’s transit shelter manufacturer, today announced availability of high resolution digital smart shelter technology for North American transit agencies.

Luminator’s shelter signs portfolio includes TFT, LCD, and low-power displays for use in any application- with or without a power grid present- for real-time passenger updates. Sister company Apollo Video Technology’s high definition CCTV video surveillance system can also be integrated for enhanced safety and security of waiting passengers and transit property.

“Keeping passengers updated with current bus service, arrival/departure status, and targeted advertising media, as well as enhancing their safety and security, is what Luminator does. The same technology used onboard vehicles can be extended to remote, fixed locations to increase the transit agency’s overall value proposition to their customers. We are fortunate to have Tolar Manufacturing, as the industry leader in innovative smart shelter technology partnering with us on this.” said Dan Kelleher, Vice President Sales and Marketing of Luminator Technology Group.

“Growing passenger expectations now require our transit clients to think beyond a basic transit shelter and seating. They are looking for innovative solutions to communicate service updates to their transit customers, enhance their safety, and minimize wait times.” commented Patrick Merrick, Executive-Vice President of Tolar Manufacturing Company. “That’s why we created SmartPlace™ shelters and are working with leading technology providers like Luminator to bring our clients’ visions to reality.”