Gainsville RTS will no longer provide Gator Aider service

Fabulous Coach Lines steps up for Gator Football season

Regional Transit System (RTS), Gainesville, FL, will not provide the Gator Aider football shuttle service for the 2010-11 University of Florida (UF) football season, as the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) classifies the Gator Aider service as a charter service.

RTS, a federally funded public transit system, issued a statement saying it must and will abide by the FTA rules governing charter services.

The FTA Charter Service Rule (Title 49-Part 604-Charter Service) states that any transit agency receiving federal funding must advertise any charter service to private transit companies as to provide a level playing field for these services. If a private company shows interest in the advertised service, then the public transit agency must step back and allow the private company to provide the service.

Earlier this summer, Fabulous Coach Lines, Branford, FL, expressed interest and verified that it will be able to provide the Gator Aider service. The company says it will launch its new Navigator service to provide park-n-ride service to home football games and luxury tours for all away games in the 2010 season.

“I am very excited about our new Navigator service,” says Fabulous Coach Lines president Ray Land. “It is going to give people who normally wouldn’t ride a motorcoach, a great view of how nice motorcoach travel really can be.”

Navigator transportation also offers season passes that include a ride to Gator Growl, the world’s largest student-run pep rally, as well as luxury motorcoach tour packages with exceptional hotel accommodations and all inclusive tailgate parties.