Ford Mobility Report Indicates 36% of American riders will take public transit post COVID-19

As businesses gradually begin re-opening across the country, many are wondering what transit will look like in a post-COVID-19 world. Uber, for example, is investing $50 million in safety supplies for its drivers, requiring operators and riders to wear masks effective May 18.

But what about public transit? One of the most hard-hit industries, with ridership across major metros from New York to San Francisco declining at record-low rates — what will it take to get riders back on buses and trains?

To find out, Ford Mobility’s Smart Transit branch — TransLoc, Ridesystems and Doublemap — polled 1,000 Americans (age 18+) to get their thoughts on the idea of riding public transportation once stay-at-home orders are lifted, as well as the changes that would make them feel more confident riding again.

The report revealed that 64% won’t ride public transit once COVID-19 restrictions are loosened — either because they never have, no longer need to or are concerned about their health.

But 36% of Americans still want to take public transit again — they’re just looking for new safety precautions to get them there:

  • Of those that will ride, 36% want to have the ability to know how many passengers are on board before riding.
  • More than one in three (39%) want hands-free payment (e.g. mobile-only).
  • One in four (25%) want to share immediate feedback / concerns.

You can find TransLoc’s blog on the new survey released this week at

To view the full 5-page report with commentary from Justin Rees, CEO of Ford Mobility’s Smart Transit branch, view the PDF here.

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