May 2015 - BUSRide

Rooftop antennae

Why do we need maintenance intelligence?

Bus purchases make up the majority of all capital costs for the average transit agency.

Daimler reveals plans for the future

Daimler Buses is no longer the largest global manufacturer of buses and coaches in unit terms, having been overtaken by China’s Yutong. However, Daimler Buses is almost certainly the largest in terms of value.

Total Transit evolves virtual Dial-a-Ride service

Total Transit has been providing transportation services throughout the Southwest for 30 years.

Maintenance Design Group celebrates 20 years

Maintenance Design Group (MDG) celebrated 20 years in business on May 1, 2015.

Test dummies prepare themselves

The science of intelligent absorption

By Jürgen Mill One of the fundamental dualities in the transportation industry is the balance between safety and comfort. At the core of every engineering and design concept there needs to be a consideration how something as visible as comfort can support something as important as safety—and vice versa. To make things even more complicated, […]