March 2015 - BUSRide

The London Bus Summit

A UK Bus Summit took place in London on February 12 with the Secretary of State for Transport giving the introductory speech. It is hard to believe the last such conference was held back in 1999.

Lights, camera, action!

The Motorcoach Marketing Council offers tips on photography to help operators capture more bookings.

MCI supplier Kiel sets new FMVSS 210 testing record

Next generation slider seat safest, easiest to operate stainless steel model on the market for wheelchair lift equipped coaches; patent for self-aligning, foot-operated system pending.

Optimize the fleet for better service

Optimize the fleet for better service By Kevin McKay Inviting a holistic approach to running smoother transit operations, real-time diagnostics, GPS, maintenance intelligence, and monitoring systems contribute to an optimized fleet management system. A cohesive suite of technology helps realize greater cost effectiveness and a more seamless and efficient use of fleet resources. In addition, […]

Driver Safety: What’s the true definition of safety?

This is the second article in the Driver Safety series by Jeff Cassell. For the first article, see page 17 of the January 2015 edition of BUSRide.