February 2015 - BUSRide

SPX Genfare announces new executives

Darren Dickson is the company’s new president while Kim Green assumes position as executive director of business development.

Driver Safety: Preparing drivers

By expanding and revamping its existing courses through Prevost’s support, the Academy’s launched the Prevost Preparatory School for Professional Motorcoach Drivers.

Turn and tail swing accident prevention techniques

Have you ever come close to making contact with an object or vehicle while turning? Are you aware of how wide the rear of the bus will go as it makes the turn?

TransIT: Are we planning for poor performance?

With the technology available today, the transit industry has more data than ever to help plan productive and efficient service.

Official BUSRide Road Test: MOBILITY VENTURES MV-1

Transpo Access puts the Mobility Ventures MV-1 to the test in South Bend.