September 2013 - BUSRide

Cummins announces new global heavy-duty engine platform

Cummins Inc. today announced a new global heavy-duty engine platform that it has developed to complement its existing global product offering.

XL Hybrids adds small bus installations

The company addresses a market that stands to gain the most from hybrid-electric propulsion.

Overcoming battery charging imbalance

By Brad Bisaillon With the emergence of advanced electrical systems in today’s bus designs, reliance on batteries to power them has become increasingly important. These continually evolving electrical subsystems are putting a tremendous strain on the batteries that power them, so effective management of the battery bank’s charge and discharge characteristics are imperative to extending […]

Six ways tires save fuel

Tires play a critical role in improving mileage.

A wheel’s shine is not skin-deep

Choosing the right chrome wheels means easier cleaning.

Spec’ing saves money

Making the right tire choice will reduce costs over time.

Krystal moves forward under new management

ElDorado National Kansas continues with quality improvements to the brand By David Hubbard Krystal has been on an exciting ride over the last year. It began when ElDorado National Kansas, Inc., Salinas, KS, acquired the brand in October of 2012 and then transitioned to new ownership in July as Thor Industries divested its entire bus […]