March 2012 - BUSRide

Obama signs transportation bill extension; APTA applauds move

President Obama today put his signature on the transportation bill 90-day extension, funding Congress pass earlier this week.

Sun Metro introduces new bus stop solar lighting system

El Paso, TX-based Sun Metro has installed 13 new Solar Lighting System for bus stops.

House passes 90-day extension for transportation bill

Lawmakers today passed a 90-day extension to the current two-year, $109 billion transportation bill, which was to expire on March 31.

FTA awards operators $8.8 million to purchase lifts

The Federal Transit Administration has awarded $8.8 million to 97 motorcoach companies across the U.S. to retrofit buses with wheelchair lifts or to help offset the cost of lifts on new coaches.

MCI providing full support to NHTSA investigation

Motor Coach Industries said it is providing its full support and cooperation to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in its investigation of whether drive shafts on the company’s MCI D-Series motorcoaches can dislodge while in operation and cause drivers to lose control.

Study: ABA’s Marketplace worth $78.7 million in booked business

A new study claims the ABA’s Marketplace 2012 in Grapevine, TX generated a total of $78,790,000 worth of booked business for show participants.

ABA, UMA heads testify before Congress on bus safety reforms

Late last week ABA President and CEO Peter Pantuso and UMA President and CEO Victor Parra testified before Congress on bus safety reforms.

MTA adding more onboard bus surveillance cameras

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is purchasing and installing Bus Camera Security Systems (BCSS) for an additional 1,150 buses.

APTA: Public transportation saves $10,120 a year

According to the APTA’s March Transit Savings Report, public transportation can save, on average, $844 this month, and $10,120 annually.

Obama calls out House on transportation bill

In his weekly address on Saturday, President Obama called on the House of Representatives to pass a bipartisan transportation bill.