November 2009 - BUSRide

Iveco Irisbus greets the top segment with the Magelys HDH

Keeping you up to date with developments in Europe has never caused me hardship, but some assignments really are fantastic. This letter is from Stresa on the banks of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy, where I visited the Fiat/Iveco test track at Balocco and Irisbus, a division of Iveco and the second largest bus and coach manufacturer in Europe.

The 2009 BUSRide Safe Driving Hall of Fame presented by 5Star Specialty Products

Two drivers from Peter Pan Bus Lines, Springfield, MA, Edward C. Hope and Everett L. Anderson representing Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1512, are the 2009 inductees into the BUSRide Driver Hall of Fame presented by 5Star Products.

Mystery riders lend an extra set of eyes and ears

In an industry where safety compliance and customer service make or break reputations, bus professionals need to know their interests are in good hands out on the road.

Tough work, but some people get to do it

It is essentially unreasonable in this day and age to think an affluent demographic will choose to ride a coach on trips more than a few hundred miles.

Never underestimate the dangers in any accident

Typically we think wheel bearing fires occur strictly as the result of traveling for long durations at highway speeds. Not so. In September I experienced a situation so innocuous I never thought it would ultimately cause a wheel bearing fire.

BUSRide Road Test: The Volvo 9700

As operators in North America begin to take delivery on Volvo 9700s, Brad Hunter, general manager of Orion Pacific, a family-owned charter tour operation established in 1985 in Orange, CA, agreed to take the coach on the BUSRide Road Test and offer his objective assessment. Orion Pacific operates a mixed fleet of Prevosts and Van Hools.