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BUSRide Financial Roundtable: Part II


Guest panel encourages financial and accounting best practices as the only way to play ahead of the curve By David Hubbard In February, BUSRide convened with a select group of financial leaders in the bus and motorcoach industry during the UMA Motorcoach EXPO in Los Angeles, CA, for a roundtable discussion on the issues, trends […]


BUSRide Financial Roundtable: Part I

Businessman sailing on dollar boat

Guest panel explores the factors that influence financing.


And the survey says…

Woman playing bus fares.

Accenture determines transit passengers worldwide are willing to pay more for an improved experience.


Predicting the future of payment methods


With the emergence of every new payment technology, there’s a chorus declaring that it will revolutionize payment for products and services.


YCAT comes of age

YCAT runs 27 vehicles on 11 routes that include 18 New Flyer and ElDorado transit buses and nine EZ Rider, Aerotech and Chevy cutaway vehicles.

By John Andoh
Transit Director
Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority
Yuma, AZ


Interview only the best drivers


Scheig Associates’ solutions ensure that only superior applicants make it to the interview phase.


Overcoming battery charging imbalance

12-volt devices must be connected through an equalizer (or a DC-to-DC converter) in order to equally discharge the battery pack.

By Brad Bisaillon With the emergence of advanced electrical systems in today’s bus designs, reliance on batteries to power them has become increasingly important. These continually evolving electrical subsystems are putting a tremendous strain on the batteries that power them, so effective management of the battery bank’s charge and discharge characteristics are imperative to extending […]


Spec’ing saves money

Gary Stevens, a Prevost bus owner, rolls with Double Coin tires.

Making the right tire choice will reduce costs over time.


Oregon study offers guide to success for small-city transit

Public transit allows rural populations access to jobs, retail centers, healthcare and social services.

In partnership with ODOT Public Transit Division, the Oregon Transportation and Growth Management Program produced the study with Parson’s Brinkerhoff in Portland.


IndyGo does more with less


By Michael Terry President and CEO IndyGo Indianapolis, IN Delivering public transportation in American cities requires managerial tenacity and dedication to providing vital service as part of our nation’s infrastructure. Many systems across the country struggle to keep vital transit services on the street due to pressures of the economy on the industry. Costs for […]

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