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BRT in America: It takes a village

Veolia Transportation operates the Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) Bus Rapid Transit for the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, which currently runs between the Downtown Transportation Center and North Las Vegas.

No two BRT systems are alike. Each one requires a mix of characteristics uniquely suited to the individual communities it serves.


YCAT comes of age

YCAT runs 27 vehicles on 11 routes that include 18 New Flyer and ElDorado transit buses and nine EZ Rider, Aerotech and Chevy cutaway vehicles.

By John Andoh
Transit Director
Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority
Yuma, AZ


Oregon study offers guide to success for small-city transit

Public transit allows rural populations access to jobs, retail centers, healthcare and social services.

In partnership with ODOT Public Transit Division, the Oregon Transportation and Growth Management Program produced the study with Parson’s Brinkerhoff in Portland.




Six transit agencies debut the Proterra EcoRide BE35 in-service this fall By David Hubbard The all-electric 35-foot Proterra EcoRide™ BE35 transit bus expands its public service this year. Garrett Mikita, president and CEO of Proterra, Greenville, SC, says he could not be more delighted for the six transit authorities nationwide realizing the simplicity of electric […]


IndyGo does more with less


By Michael Terry President and CEO IndyGo Indianapolis, IN Delivering public transportation in American cities requires managerial tenacity and dedication to providing vital service as part of our nation’s infrastructure. Many systems across the country struggle to keep vital transit services on the street due to pressures of the economy on the industry. Costs for […]


Human capital is our most important asset


Of the many initiatives of Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD), our Strategic Leadership Development Program is one of the most important but least known.


Onboard surveillance facilitates a safe ride


An effective security plan should include development of a comprehensive surveillance strategy.


Internalizing safety


First Transit’s down-up culture means employees care about getting it right.


BUSRide Roundtable: Revenue Management

Paul Doukas of Crane Payment Solutions holds a dollar bill to emphasize that cash payments are unlikely to disappear.

Industry leaders from INIT, SPX Genfare, Accenture and Crane Payment Solutions offer their thoughts on the future of fare collection.


Comfort is a paratransit concern

Ron Biss, an advocate for accessible transportation and a wheelchair user, says the ride on paratransit can sometimes be rough.

Kelderman air suspensions lend a smoother ride.

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